The Nervous Laughter of Revelation: Having It All and Nothing

Here’s the skinny, I don’t follow the royals, don’t give a shit, never have. I’ve got problems of my own. Plus who in their right mind would want people talking about them non-stop every day of their lives. Writing about royals and following royals is how some earn a living or their envy makes them spiteful.

Fuck those rags. Please stop following gossip. It’s designed to keep your attention. It’s like when someone tries to delight you with a sleight of hand trick and you never realize that those little flourishes of the cards keep you watching where he wants you to. Stop. There’s a real human cost.

I feel for Harry. He was just a little thing when his mother was taken from him. I suspect he feels empty. Like a part of him was ripped out and he was way too young to understand why. That’s not fair. No child should have to go through that, especially if it was wholly preventable. Had Harry been just some dude like me, no one would have given a shit and his mom would still be here. None of us would even know him.

This isn’t an argument meant to be sympathetic to royals. Fuck to death any system which perpetuates control of her people through birthright or manipulation. I’m all for strong leaders, but only the kinds that people would follow willingly and because their ambitions benefit everyone and not the individual. Not the ones who coerce. Fuck them, too.

This is an argument in favor of empathy. Harry’s mom is dead, never met his wife, hasn’t felt her granddaughter kick. People took pictures of her as she was dying. Had her life had more value than her image, maybe she’d still be alive today.

She had it all until she didn’t.

I suspect he might give if all up to have his mother back.