The Conan Challenge!

I’m going to paint the entire Kickstarter collection of Conan miniatures from Monolith Games. Why did I agree to this? Because I have no concept of time and consistently over-promise in my ability to get shit done. But as Scotty says in Relics: Oh, laddie. You’ve got a lot to learn if you want people to think of you as a miracle worker.

This is a lot of minis. Jesus. Also Sansa wants to help.

I’m a beginner, maybe an early intermediate miniature painter. I don’t see myself ever winning awards because I can’t freehand, first of all, and second, and I cannot stress this enough, there are many professionals out there producing art that will be featured in museums a millennia from now. But that’s no excuse not to push myself harder.

Conan has made some enemies. Someone’s not living his best most peaceful self.

So here’s the deal. I’m gonna paint this shit up nice and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.

The goal: all painted by January 31, 2019. Can I do it? Probably not, but oh man am I gonna try. I’ll post pictures of my progress as I go.

Stay tuned for more in depth posts about miniatures, miniature painting, miniature terrain and everything miniature gaming.

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